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I wanted to take a moment and thank Michele for being so inspirational and tough, just what I need! I always know Michele cares and wants to push me to do my best; she is always focused to see me do more. Her personality and love of music shine. Her workouts are intense but provide fun variety and are safe for any back pain or limitations I maybe experiencing. Even my son loves to come and cheer me on while she is training me… He thinks it’s awesome.

Jeff Rafner

Producer / UPM, Grey's Anatomy, First AD The Big Lebowski

I’ve known and worked with Michele for several years, her approach to fitness is holistic, i.e. she looks at everything, and sees the connections mentally, physically, and spiritually. For people like me, with chronic weight issues, this is so important, because to get better, we need to address all of those areas. Michele gets it, because she’s lived it and she has found a way to bring that message to others in a way that is meaningful, and as importantly, fun! I’ve had experiences with other fitness professionals and Michele is one of the few that really gets what it means to be a whole person, accept flaws while still working on them, and keep your head high while doing it.

Joshua Winget

Emmy Award Winning Sound Editing

All I can say is, WOW! I made salads from your book two days in a row for my family: the Mediterranean and the Organic Fennel, Jicama and Fuji Apple with Italian Parsley. The salads were fabulous and my husband and son said, “Why don’t we eat like this all the time?” Anyone trying to prevent diabetes or heart disease would do well to follow your simple tips and menus. Even people who already have diabetes would benefit from the type of healthy eating you recommend in “Michele The Trainer’s Quick Start to Losing 100 Pounds: Book 1”. Can’t wait for the next book!
N. Fisher

Certified Diabetes Educator

Michele gets up early every day to help people and sometimes I don’t. The desire to feel better is reinforced by Michele. She is good at accessing individual needs in a group setting. She is not just there for a paycheck, she truly likes what she does.
George Larson

Location Manager, Grey's Anatomy

Michele knows how to engage an audience and build rapport. She sneakily educates without you knowing it.
I. Grimbaldeston

Professor, Everest College

Michele is a great speaker, she motivates, and educates with great energy and passion.
A. Cornejo

Professor, Everest College

Michele is a great energized person. I learned lot from her. There are a lot of mistakes that we have to avoid doing throughout our day.
M. Khalil

Surgical Tech Instructor

Michele reminded me that I am a human being and not just a worker’s worker.
R. Speiser

English & ESL Instructor

Your chamber presentation spotlighted your enthusiasm and consistent energy. As a motivational coach and/or speaker you inspire others to envision themselves making good choices which translate to actually making those changes (a difficult thing for many people)which promotes healthy lives emotionally and physically. Great work!
Denise Payne

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Michele the Trainer’s healthy glow and resolve for healthy living is infectious and instantly engages her audience. She practices what she preaches and has made it her mission to transfer her knowledge and the benefits of living active & eating right. “Quick Start to Losing 100 Pounds”, Michele the Trainer’s book, is evidence that healthy eating can be fun & delicious. If you are battling a weight or health issue, Michele has been there and knows what it takes to get you from where you are now to living healthy & fit for life.
Jared Gerber

Web Design, SEO, Marketing Consultant, ImagineIT