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Let’s talk about health… yours and the planet’s.

Your Health, Earth Health
Improve your Life... and the Life of our Planet

Michele’s high energy and engaging, personable speaking style will grab audiences immediately and leave them feeling empowered to change their own life…and life as we know it on this planet.
Your body is an ecosystem that must be kept in balance, and so is planet Earth. The sooner we address the health of the oceans, the sooner human beings can begin their path to health and healing.

Michele Trainer is a gem! Motivational and down-to-earth… What more could you ask for?

Lani Reinhart

About Michele the Trainer:

    • Engaging, mind-expanding speaker
    • Inspiring life coach and personal trainer
    • Inventive, motivating corporate trainer
    • Experienced SCUBA diving naturalist
    • Founder of the Ocean Protection League

Michele can bring her inspiring talks to:

    • Your keynote event
    • Classroom guest lectures
    • Community groups
    • Themed galas and parties
    • Both in-person and virtual events

Learn how to:

    • Improve your own health through simple diet and exercise changes
    • Make changes in your lifestyle to improve the health of the Earth’s oceans
    • Share these simple changes with others and together we can heal the Earth and ourselves!